Why have the browsers failed here? None of them responds in the same
way when a user clicks an rss feed.

Why cant it be as easy as my browser recognising that i've clicked rss
and asking me "i've noticed that youre opening a rss file / feed /
channel, what do you want to do with it" and giving me a choice of my
installed feed reading capable applications, fireant, feedreader,
itunes, etc.?

Instead this had to become the middle-mans problem and now there are
gazillion solutions, feedburners, buttons and what have you. Only
those who already know feeds, podcasting etc have a clue what those 10
buttons on a site do, so it doesn't really ease the barrier to entry.

Sorry for going on a rant.

Cheers to Fireant, the new directory and its development team who are
really there for their users.


p.s. actually the PSP browser gets it right, it notices that i have
clicked a "channel" and asks me if i want to subscribe to it.

On 1/31/06, Joshua Kinberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Hey all,
>  A lot of people have asked us for an easy, 1-click method for viewers
>  to subscribe to feeds with FireAnt. Well, here it is.... and its easy!
>  Put a FireAnt 1-click subscription button to your site!
>  Make your FireAnt 1-click subscription button here:
>  < http://FireAnt.tv/buttonmaker >
>  This will make code for you to copy and paste into your site.
>  When a viewer clicks this button on your site it will popup a small
>  window that explains subscription, offers a download link for FireAnt
>  if the user doesn't already have it, and includes a subscription link
>  that launches FireAnt and auto-subscribes to your RSS channel (okay,
>  so that's really 2-clicks).
>  Users will need the latest version of FireAnt for this to work.
>  If you haven't downloaded the latest version, please get it at:
>  < http://FireAnt.tv/download >
>  Lastly, if you haven't seen our new website and videoblog Directory,
>  please go to:
>  < http://FireAnt.tv >
>  Please let us know if you have questions. We always try to answer
>  really really quickly.
>  Thanks,
>  Josh
>  http://FireAnt.tv
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