I sure don't speak for Chasing Windmills, but I do know they're
*very* interested in learning how they can keep creating their
episodic vlog with some sort of financial support. Just as I am
for Minnesota Stories.

Look... nobody is independently making big bucks from videoblogging, 
if any bucks at all. I don't think anyone has video ads, do they? 
But that doesn't mean nobody WANTS to make any money, or have
any video ads, or explore other avenues for sustaining and cultivating
their vlog. It's not that we're all a bunch of purists. Many of us are
looking to folks like Rocketboom (or anybody, really) to say "Hey -
the water's safe! Here's a business model, come on in!" We'll probably
see the models emerge this year, from whomever is willing to get
their feet wet.

Here's another statement I want to make: ARTISTS SHOULD MAKE MONEY.

I don't think there's all that much controversy about vloggers making
money. Even the most outspoken DIY-spirited vloggers want to make
money. Whether it's a book deal, Google ads, grants, subscriptions -- 
there are lots of options. And that's *good*! 

As I've mentioned elsewhere, the important thing is that your vlog
comes from love. If you're starting a vlog with dollar signs in your eyes,
(a) you're deluded, (b) it will be transparent and sadly obvious. Start
it because you love it. The good news is, the love you pour into your
vlog may well attract money in time. I think it's good karma. If you
pour yourself into it and love it, it will show. Your audience will know
it, and maybe tell others. You've got "love value." Bask in that creative
exchange, knowing that's why you do it. Or quit your dayjob and
take a shot at doing what you love for a living. Different strokes...

I have spoken. :-)


--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "David Howell" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> http://chasingmills.blogspot.com/ <-- they do it.
> Sure. A paycheck from my hobby would be nice. If Rocketboom is going
> to place an ad at the end of their content, all the more power to them.
> There are other alternatives to "in video" ad placement.
> David
> http://www.taoofdavid.com
> --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Ms. Kitka" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Most videobloggers don't put out 5 shows per week, so how are those
> > devoted to providing this amount of content supposed to keep doing it?
> >  Also, what is better than making a paycheck from your hobby?  Most
> > people hate their jobs...

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