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sounds cool, but please keep in mind that the saturday meetings are mainly to help newbies

this might be more appropriate for the tuesday/wednesday meeting

They are? Keep in mind that those of us on this side of the globe can't participate in the Tues/Weds meeting - 2 am is a little late for us working stiffs!

from 12/02/05 email ...

Hi All,

The Saturday noon PST video conferences will be taking on a new emphasis 
around "newbies, Q&A and Node101".  These conferences will be used to 
tie the nodes together during Saturday workshops and you all are invited 
to stop in, say hello and participate in the conversations.  Think of 
the Saturday conferences as Node101::Online.

Feel free to drop in anytime during the conference, you don't have be 
there at the beginning or hang in for the entire two hours if you don't 
want to.  Drop by if you have a question or if you feel like hanging out 
and answering people's questions.  Come on by if you just want to see 
what's going on or try out your web cam or just come by to say hello and 
chat about videoblogging like we always do.  Come by and tell us about 
your vlog or your latest post.  Thinking about forming a node?  Come and 
see how and what the others are doing.

The Tuesday night 8pm EST video conference will remain the "general" 
discussion, including more technical issues and group related discussions.

Loiez schedules conferences from time to time, but we'd still like to 
see a regularly scheduled "Euro" timezones friendly meeting.  Some have 
suggested that they liked the Sunday evening 7pm GMT slot for this.  
Please contact me if you'd like to moderate this.

Likewise, we'd like someone to moderate an "Asia/Pacific" friendly time 
slotted conference.   A few people have indicated they would attend if 
this were at the right time.  Would someone like to volunteer to 
organize this?  Please let me know and I'll help you get started.

Any help and/or feedback would be appreciated.



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