FYI, for those who use the popular snapz pro x to capture video on macs ...

I was in the snapz pro x FAQ and noticed the following item concerning the compatibility of their software with the new Intel based macs (not surprising for software that has to perform low level functions like this). 

I imagine we will see more issues like this arise (and hopefully get resolved quickly). 

We have found a few problems with the Snapz Pro X 2 and the Intel machines.

The kernel extension Snapz Pro X 2 relies on to record Mac audio is not compatible, so Snapz Pro X 2 cannot record Mac audio with movies. It can record from a microphone or line in.

If the Use movie guides option is checked in the Movie palette, the vertical lines of the guide will appear as a series of lines in the movie. The workaround is to uncheck that option.

Cursors in movies are hollow. We do not have a workaround for this problem.

Since Apple released the new Intel machines ahead of schedule, we are a bit behind in updating our software for them.

We do not have a timetable on when the Intel compatible Snapz Pro X 2 will be released.


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