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> wrote:
> > Well...
> >
> > a) I wrote a book on HTML, so I don't have a problem with it.
> > b) It's not that hard. No harder than a hyperlink.
> > c) I use a Blogger post template and just replace the video file URL
> > when I post. Automation. Built-in.
> It's fifteen times as much code as a normal link. That counts as being  
> harder. You need both object and embed elements to get full support in  
> browsers, so you also need to put in the video URL twice.
> That main issue here it that the QT plugin will be loaded once for
> video. Just loading it once is a significant memory increase. The
> is a great solution for many. It only loads the QT plugin when it's  
> needed. It's not perfect for everyone - I like having the player in
> same window so I personally use some javascript-fu to have an image
> it replaced by the QT player when someone clicks to play. Different  
> solutions for different people. My computer is over 4 years old,
> frames or not a page with 15 embedded QT players brings my computer
to a  
> halt.
> - Andreas
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Yes, I also use javascript to write the object+embed+href code into a
div when the image for the video is clicked.  This is how my videos
appear on my vlog sites off http://www.cirne.com.  I'm going to make
that code into a Wordpress plugin.

  -- Enric

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