B. Yen,

When I mentioned that I just post one per page, here's how I do it:

Go to the main Blogger page and click the Change Settings icon (looks
like a cog). You'll be taken to the Basic section of the "Settings"
Click the "Formatting" link, still in the Settings tab.
The first field is "Show"  and the number of days/weeks/months. Set
this to 1 day. Don't worry, when people download your feed, they can
get as many days as they want.

At the bottom of the page is the "Post Template." This is where you
can paste your embedded template in, so every time you go to post, you
will only have to change the URL and, if you want, the text
description, for your vlog.

Save your changes and republish your blog index.

>From then on, only post to the vlog once a day, if you only want 1
video to show at a time. You can backdate posts if you want, to put a
post on an empty day.

On 2/9/06, B Yen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> A video-blog has a series of video-clips.  Many just have a link to
> the videos, e.g. "Click HERE for video".
> I notice some video-blogs use <embed src="myvideo.mov">.  Suppose you
> have like 30 entries on 1 page, then 30 <embed src=> tags will
> download 30 videos for playback?  This is a LOT of bandwidth, & is
> not preferable.  Is it possible to have an "embed tag" which doesn't
> download the video (until the users hits "play")?
> I've implemented the "embed src" at my video-blog, for the 1st entry:
> http://jumplive.blogspot.com
> I'm trying to figure out how to do the "<embed src=" for the
> remaining entries, without downloading the videos (until the user
> hits play).
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