I think part of the problem is that Americans get all of the polite UK
comedy shows like "Keeping Up Appearances", "As Time Goes By" and all
the other high foo-foo stuff. The we don't know or understand about
non-pc humor or what real UK humor/joshing.  

I saw the BBC video of one of Monty Python gang funeral. His friends
were grieving but they roasted him like a pig over coals. I was
surprised until I realized it was a loving back of the hand and full
mug of beer send off.

If you are open to it why not record three minutes of how you feel at
the moment. No one need ever see it. Not asking you to post it. But as
a diary of this moment in time in your life. Or write it in a note book. 

On a more pompous and absolutely Californian inspired note: You are
learning life lessons you had no intention to sign up for; what does
true love and commitment mean, how to fight invisible enemies, and a
special tutorial session on the dark night of the soul. 

I can offer you that living in the current day is okay and somedays
you might want to take it in 60 minute chunks. As Janis Joplin say "as
we learn on the terrain it is all the same f***kin day" man." Find joy
in each day - especially the bad ones.

Either way - I like you stuff except for the dance naked plastic
women. Now when you have some anatomically correct dancing naked
plastic men let me know and I will put the word out. Size does not
matter but accuracy and craftmanship is appreciated.



--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Paul Knight <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Well I left but came back.  I was getting a bit narked with the 
> constant "We love Rocketboom" crowd with their over slushiness and over 
> the top, lengthy threads on how wonderful RB is and how much money they 
> are making, it was getting to be like the "Hello Celebrity news yahoo 
> group. "  Tina is right in saying you can learn a hell of a lot from 
> this group, and learn we all have, the collective is such that you 
> should be only one post away from having your problems dealt with.
>       I know I can be a bit of handful sometimes, it goes with the 
> territory, most of the time when I post a quirky comment, it is 
> supposed to be taken lightly.  Obviously I have offended quite a few 
> people in here just lately, my excuses are pretty poor I am affraid, My 
> wife Rachel (alternativekitten) has had the worst few months with her 
> Multiple Sclerosis and I am finding it difficult to cope, but I know I 
> love her and I have promised to look after her.  I have had a hard time 
> at work due to my mind being on other things and just lately I have 
> come down with the flu.  This I think may have upset my film making 
> side and therefore I am feeling a little under confident.
> I don't intend any of you to respond to this, in fact I would be highly 
> surprised if any of you read it, but at
 least I have done my bit.
> Paul Knight
> Do yourself a favour and Visit my Vlog
> http://pjkproductions.blogspot.com
> http://pjkweddingvideo.blogspot.com
> It's worth a laugh and (mostly) work friendly.

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