At the end of last semester the publicity department at my university (Universtiy of Missouri - Rolla) contacted me because they keep up with Rocketboom, believe it or not, and saw my video blog. They wanted to do a press release on this. Though I am not opposed to attention at all, I thought about it, and eventually said no. The problem is that I actually do a lot of research, get funding, and teach, as much as I would like to spend all my time video blogging. The Missouri legislature and new administration is very conservative these days and they are cutting higher ed right and left (who needs colleges), and I could just see one of these legislators seeing one of the professors running around in silly videos with his near fifty year beer gut hanging out. He could say, well this is what our tax money is going to, and, well ... I could see not being very popular. Honestly, I rarely even mention the richard show around school, though I have a link on my UMR web site. I don't think many of my students even know I do that. Although I will admit they probably wouldn't be too surprised - I don't exactly have a reputation of being overly serious or mature.

UMR calls itself "Missouri's Technological Research University" and our publicty department really is trying to do some different things with techology, and is much more in-tune with the modern world than the Missouri legislature (they knew about Rocketboom). So they tried a different angle and started a blog about UMR's research and they said they could write about me on there and they promised to make an effort to note that I did actually do real professor stuff. So, they wrote something and I said ok. I have no idea if anyone, even at UMR will read the UMR research blog, but, the story is here

... and I thought it was kind of cool and I was happy with the job they did. As I said, I am not opposed to attention. After all, we are all narcists and it is my show.

... Richard


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