Sort of disappointed they don't offer better support for vlogging. I'm sure you could go in and dig out the urls. I was able to dig out and download the following video of yours and play it on my computer just fine, so it's enclosable in an RSS feed. It's just they don't make it easy.

I'd expect it'd be more like, post to wordpress or blogger or wordpress. Certainly getting their videos in blogs and rss feeds would be  a contributing factor to sucess.


On Feb 10, 2006, at 11:03 PM, Nerissa (TheVideoQueen) wrote:

I use Revver for this vlog--
It's great for gaining Google rankings. I have made a couple bucks and about 500 people have viewed my videos so far. Blog has been up since last Christmas. I highly recommend encouraging people to click on your ads. The ads don't encourage clicking right now, so mosy people dont realize they can click to find out more.
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   Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 22:08:10 -0500
   From: robert a/k/a r <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re: a new for videos?

I'd hate to have to explain to airport security my job if I worked for
videobomb "you see, sir, i'm a videobomber" ;)

RE Revver, I've enquired on this list about them before, noone replied.
Has ANYONE tried them? Or more likely, anyone ripped apart their TOS? 
BTW, is there a TOS summary matrix on the wiki for all of the hosting

Finally, David from presented tonight at nytechmeetup. It was
a heavy agenda so all presenters were a bit rushed.  He did a nice job.
Nice one, David!


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