Earlier this week I hooked up a USB digital terrestrial TV antenna to my laptop, and recorded a few minutes of video here and there to see how it came out. The result was some very good MPG (1,2,4? I don't know) which plays just fine in Windows Media Player and can be opened in my video editing software (Roxio VideoWave 7).

So I eagerly recorded the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and had some ideas for what I wanted to do with that footage in a videoblog. The result was a bunch of files that I can't open with anything - they cause Windows Media Player and everything else to hang, VLC plays them with no sound and jumping through very fast. Other programs refuse to even try. The only thing that lets me do anything with them is the DivX converter, which happily converts them to DivX. But I don't have any editing software that will edit DivX.

Any ideas, anybody? I'm really frustrated that I can't use this footage.

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Deirdré Straughan

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