yep, a few people i have seen using it... though its actually feedblitzt and they are partnered with feedburner.  like i said, feedblitz has got some good tech but i dislike their look and feel.
others have expressed this opinion too so i bet they will wake up and clean up.  but its a cool service of course.  others are out there... and this year i am sure more and more will pop up.
bottom line is.... many people are less geek than us and many of these people would like to subscribe to you.  we cant expect them all to learn how to use new software and web sites, though many will.  The email option, whether just for alerts or to receive the entire content of a post, is a good thing that many are going to appreciate. 


On 2/14/06, johngaltsjournal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Funny that you bring this up as I just put an email notifier on my site the other day.

I got a couple emails from people asking for it so I put one in.  I ended up just putting in
the one they offer at Feedburner, which puts out an email like yours.

Email Notification:  the new RSS.


--- In, Michael Sullivan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> TechCrunch has posted "Blogs Need
> Email"<>
> I have talked this up as well since I am a big believer in RSS forwarding to
> email.
> For the past year or so, i have kept interest in the topic and eventually
> decided to offer the service for the videoblogging community through
> Here is a screengrab
> <>of todays rboom
> in my inbox.
> The link to the RSS item enclosure is included too ;-)
> I plan to vamp up the service and provide a description/help page as soon as
> i move to new server this month.... but feel free to try it out.
> The service runs off my dreamhost server using, just to
> avoid confusion.
> Content creators can also add an email subscribe
> option<>on your
> blogs.
> I love how currently, we have FireAnt (that is better than iTunes) for
> download subscription handling, mefeedia for web based subscription
> management and vlogdir offers email subscription handling.  I think we got
> things covered in the subscription department ;-)
> sull
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> Sull

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