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TechCrunch has posted "Blogs Need Email"

I have talked this up as well since I am a big believer in RSS forwarding to email.
For the past year or so, i have kept interest in the topic and eventually decided to offer the service for the videoblogging community through vlogdir.com.

Here is a screengrab of todays rboom in my inbox.
The link to the RSS item enclosure is included too ;-)

I plan to vamp up the service and provide a description/help page as soon as i move to new server this month.... but feel free to try it out.
The service runs off my dreamhost server using vastmachine.com, just to avoid confusion.

Content creators can also add an email subscribe option on your blogs.

I love how currently, we have FireAnt (that is better than iTunes) for download subscription handling, mefeedia for web based subscription management and vlogdir offers email subscription handling.  I think we got things covered in the subscription department ;-) 

Sull, I really dig it.

My question is how does it work with comment feeds? I've had a particular problem keeping up with the massive amounts of comments on things like evilvlog... because of course RSS is completely unthreaded so comment feeds lack ANY contextual information without going back to the blog and reading from there.

My interest would be in if your service or others can put these emails in a format where they can thread in an email client like gmail.com or mail.app?

For example, Ideally I'd ABSOLUTELY love to be able to subscribe to evilvlog's primary RSS feed in your service and secondarily it's comments feed and have the entire threaded conversation including original blog posts reconstructed in my mail.app and gmail.com so that the original post was first and then the comments cascaded off of it in chronological order.  This way I could completely follow the conversation in my gmail or mail.app. A huge benifit over following in a blog.

In my opinion this would take the best of what a mailing list has to offer and a blog and combine them together into a media rich video/audio communications structure. It would be a new radically fluid, open and media rich communications medium.

Though, I'll settle for just the comments feed being threaded in email for now. :)

BTW, there are two other services I've been looking at who offer to port RSS data to email.

I think this is going to become an increasingly hot topic... among other things it offers a mechanism by which you can get RSS on your cell phone or PDA..  because not all such devices have RSS readers yet. But of course it's more than that.  Blogs have many things email doesn't have, primarily public visibility and transparency. However email does have some things such as threading and their "conversational fluidity" that blogs don't have.




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