I got started in video in a Public Access class given by Jay last 
fall.  I used Public Access equipment to produce my first videos.  I 
love the fact that Jay is pushing Community TV to embrace video 
blogs.  It could lead to very interesting times and innovations.  
How, exactly, will the video blogger leverage Community TV and vice-
versa?  What will that look and how will it be used?  I can say for 
myself, that having started with MNN classes, I will soon deliver 
programming to them that I "owe" them.  With 20+ 3 minute daily 
videos on my website, I'm now in a position to cut two 1/2 hour 
specials to air on the Community TV station that got me started.  
What that does for me is to potentially get my programming in front 
of new audiences (potentially 600,000 hhlds in Manhattan).  For the 
TV station, it gives them more diverse programming about the people 
and things happening in the community they serve.  Great stuff.  I'm 
not sure that marries the two mediums to best effect, but it's a 
start.  I'm eager to see what happens.

"The Captain Humphreys Project:
A Man Alone. Around The World.
The Smallest Boat. A World Record."




--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Jay dedman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> After 2 years of pushing and pleading, my Community TV station has
> finally embraced videoblogging:
> http://mnn.org/vlog.html
> I encourage anyone in NYC to come.
> Free classes will begin in March.
> Public Access TV and videoblogging are a perfect match for me.
> Here in Manhattan, we have a public space with great, free 
> we also have a place to center organizing and advocacy.
> I have started a group for public access workers and producers to
> discuss reinvigorating Community TV with what we've been doing in 
> group.
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UnitedStations/
> I encourage anyone interested in this area to help me push
> videoblogging into Public Access TV.
> Jay
> --
> Adventures in Videoblogging
> <http://www.momentshowing.net>
> <http://FireAnt.tv>
> <http://node101.org>

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