Hope this finds you well. Here's the first podcast from a pet project of mine.  The 3 Minute Gig Video Podcast is a live music podcast filmed at one of Manchester UK's esteemed live music venues.  We (www.realfresh.tv) film a night of live music with the freshest bands on the indie music scene here, grab a handful of interviews with each of them and then edit the whole thing into a series of podcasts. The 3 Minute Gig is the first of many. 

Check it:
Hope you like. Comments welcome either way.

I've been a long time lurker on this group and I have to say I've been regularly impressed by the quality and quantity of 'postage'.  Here's a cyber hi-five to Mr PunkCast, I was well-impressed to see someone else doing a similar thing and doing it well for quite a while.  Respect.  Ditto Ms. Rock N Roll TV.  And also to the 'Boom boy, Andrew.  You may notice my homage to your show in the 'watch' pages of www.realfresh.tv. Keep rocking.

My question to the technically inclined is this: how does one go about shrinking a 320MB .m4v file into something that is more manageable for download and upload?  I'd like to 'podcast up' the 30 minute edits we have of the launch night but they are very large.  We are currently making one available as a .wmv download.  Not ideal but the file size is a more manageable 60MB.

Does anyone else have any experience of creating 20minutes plus of video for podcasting.  Are there compression programs I should try out? Do you warn potential subscribers about the file size/potential long download in your summary file or just serve it up? What could go wrong, if, say a download was halted, for example?

Many thanks in advance,
Real Fresh TV

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