I only know Blip because of this group and only for a couple of weeks 
and, still, I want to see them succeed.  Why?  They're friendly and 
concientious.  They're offering a good service.  They're ahead of the 
curve.  They're not Time Warner.  Go Blip.  Go see my videos on Blip 


We've got 24 videos (shameless plug) and they're all available on 

But I still have bandwidth issues on my own site and I am merely 
inquiring if pooling the bandwidth spend of multiple users won't get 
us a better deal all around?  If the ~2,000 on this group formed a 
cooperative, that cooperative could go to Blip and say, "Hey, add our 
$10,000 a month to your bandwidth buy and let's get more bandwidth 
for all of us."  If that would help Blip, great.  If it'll help me, 
great.  If I never need the extra bandwidth because I don't attract 
taht much attention, my spend is the same.  I'm just creating a pool 
of bandwidth for use by the cooperative members.

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Stan Hirson,  Sarah Jones" 
> I agree with Verdi on this.
> I feel very loyal to Blip.  Their user-friendlysoftware was 
> helpful when I was trying to figure things out. They  got me up and
> running so I could focus on issues other than themedia server.  It
> really allowed me to experiment and see how I likedvlogging.  I've 
> moved on to a paid server for serveral reasons. I think they should 
> at least a tier of paid accounts that wouldpay for a larger data 
> I don't know what their business model is,but I also wonder if they
> could get some kind of foundation support.
> In other words, I owe them.
> Stan Hirson
> --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Verdi" <michael@>
> wrote:
> >
> > Isn't this kind of the idea of Blip coming out with paid accounts
> (which I
> > think they should do)? In a way, to do something like this 
> that at
> > least one person set it up and manage it. That's not a lot of 
work if
> it's
> > just one server for a few people but would get to be a "job" if 
it got
> > bigger. It would just be cool if someone like Blip did it and we 
> just
> > get behind them. It would be nice if you could host a domain and
> wordpress
> > or MT blog there too.
> >
> > -Verdi

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