Wow, that's a lot of stuff. I got an xacti C5 so I go without a backpack, though I do usually carry around my powerbook. If I'm really going out, I'll take an extra battery for the Xacti and one for the Powerbook.

On 2/19/06, Brad Hood <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi, Vloggers.
I'm building a list of items to include in my on-the go vlogging
backpacking kit.  Please edit this list as you see fit, to make an OTG
videokit for the pedestrian or hiking videographer.
No need for a space for a camcorder, my Xacti c-6 goes in my pocket or
on my neck.

tripod  --  I'm thinking this product, The Velbon Maxi 343E

image stabilizer rig  -- what seems small and portable?  Perhaps just
the tripod folded up?

lighting kit --  I see,
now maybe a telescoping pole on a base with an LED array.
collapsable light-bouncing gear -- folded-up re-enforced foam-core and
posterboard?  Maybe I'd punch holes in it to help keep it from sailing
away or falling over, in case a wind arose.

portable video recorder/player -- one that will accept my SD card, or
a USB link, play Xacti's mpg4s, and capture an additional A/V input.
Archos, neuros, mustek?

microphone -- Wireless microphones that can be worn in the field would
be cool.

videocamera -- Not an extra camcorder, something smaller that can
patch into a PVR video input.  Wireless solutions?  Pet-cam might be
fun, but what might deliver decent quality?

kite --  What might be good for ariel video OTG?

I'd make room for gaffing tape, light rope, first-aid.  What is
missing, what would you change?


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