Hi everyone.

My name is Ingvar, i´m a german videoblogger since shortly (dezember05) and 
mostly artistical videos: [ greenhornsview.blogspot.com ] 
I work with QuartzComposer (built into MacOS X ) and Final Cut to work on vids 
of my 

as most of you probably, I suffer from chronical lack of comments, even though 
i write 
comments to other blogs. i guess my stuff isn´t really what people care about...

greetings, ingvar 

Ciao Maximiliano!

i´m happy to find your post, because i was looking for an italian vlogger-site 
to improve 
my italian for a 10day trip in march. Mostly i want to understand better spoken 
italian, last 
time i was in Rome, i didn´t get much of the conversations after the first 3 
sentences and 
after two weeks i found it very frustrating to be there and be unable to 
understand. to 
learn a language it´s good to see "original" things, not language-learning 
books. you can 
see what is now bothering real people in the moment. i need the real thing.
and movies give you voices to listen to, and also motion pictures to associate 
to the story 
and the voice, and associations help to remember.

"Maximiliano" è inghlese per Massimiliano o sono due nomi diversi?

ci vediamo sul tuo blog... anche perché il mio è in inghlese...

ciao, Ingvar

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Maximiliano Bianchi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> Hi,
> I'm an Italian videoblogger: my name is Strelnik (real name:
> Maximiliano Bianchi) and I started videoblogging since the end of
> 2005's summer. 
> Kinobit is the videoblog I create (www.kinobit.it); it became soon a
> collective vlog to talk about vlog and ohters kind of video (spot,
> short films, toons) and to invite people to become videobloggers.
> I'm watching a lot of foreign vlog - in Italy vlogosphere is smaller,
> very smaller than in USA or than others countries - and I'm reading
> the messages of this group because I believe it's one of the best way
> to learn and to share our know-how.
> Because of these reasons, I appreciate very much stuff like Node101,
> Freevlog.org and all the common projects that many of you are
> developing; I think this is the gentlest media revolution ever seen:
> "the media is the movement is the media" - and no matters if someone
> is using videoblog just to talk about his cat or his political career,
> the important thing is to have an audince that is not a voyuer one,
> but that interacts and learns and answers and confont simply by
> making/becoming media.
> I would like to thank every vlogger in this list - and outside in the
> international vlogoscene - for the effort to spread the word
> "videoblog" giving people the chance to express and confront with
> everyone just by the force of opinions. This is democracy - or
> something very interesting, anyway.
> Last thing: I assembled one week ago a blob - vlog-soup, if you want -
> that I showed at Future Film Festival
> (http://www.futurefilmfestival.org/fwffff2006.html) in Bologna, Italy
> where I was invited to talk about next media convergence between
> television and web.
> It's also a sort of tribute and response to "Vlog Anarchy" - the
> videopost by Michael Verdi I appreciated very much for its freshness
> and honesty.
> I f you want you can see it here: http://www.kinobit.it/?p=139
> I would like to talk about many interesting things (rhizome movies and
> interactivity, the Carp caviar experiment, Rise Up Network etc), but
> as you surely realized, my English is so bad, and I have to finish here.
> Thanks again for your works&words, I'm reading you.
> salut et fraternité
> Strelnik
> (Kinobit - Collettivo malcikista)

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