Most people would probably balk at videoing the death of a family pet-- perhaps the least disturbing animal deaths you might encounter. I know I didn't video my cat's passing, and it happened literally hours after I went to a Meet the Vloggers event in SF.

I recently missed an opportunity to videoblog a friend slaughtering (humanely and with great respect) the chickens she and her family raised this winter. Sadly, I had to make a choice between that and another event long-since planned.


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who showed you that stuff!??
it's interesting how much of the input  to this request (but much thanks for it though !) has been of the quite ..erm.. extreme variety. 
the artist recently filmed a cockerel being '
killed humanely' (always an interesting word combination) on a local farm.
funny how little documentation there seems to be of the regular animal deaths that happen all the time on working farms.

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