I'm slightly "off on a tangent"...but here's an idea:

Arin and Susan, if you are reading this, come on out to Vloggercon in SF!

We can create something akin to a "flash mob".

If I am not mistaken, FEM is looking to get enough people to vote for a zip code to show their film. Now just supposing we dynamically registered a SF zip with each Vloggercon attendee?! We could have a Thurs or Fri night showing of their film in a theater!

Wouldn't that be sumthin'

On 2/22/06, Steve Garfield <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi JV,

I just scheduled them for the next Node101/Boston Media Makers Meeting
on March 5th.

"Arin Crumley and Susan Buice of the film Four Eyed Monsters,
http://www.foureyedmonsters.com/ , are going to come and talk about
making better videos.  They are also going to talk about their
experiences with MySpace.

Arin and Susan are also interested having a conversation with us about
where we think this is all going."


On Feb 21, 2006, at 9:33 PM, JV wrote:

> Steve, you should get in touch with them. I think they are up in your
> neck of the woods now ( at susan's parent's house). Maybe an interview
> about what myspace film means and whether they see their podcasts as
> primarily promotion for their offline product or if they see it in a
> different light. They are really nice and well spoken, if a little
> busy at times.


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