You're half right, Stephanie, I do dress in lingerie and read the news
but it's usually not AVN... it's mostly mainstream sources like
Reuters, BBC and the New York Times.  These are all stories covered by
the mainstream, I just happen to be sarcastic about it and wear about
as much clothing as someone playing beach volleyball (perhaps even
more!).  I agree that my content is explicit (I've used the F-word a
couple of times), but the delivery of it is not adult.

I have no interest in venturing into the realm of subscriptions or
removing my clothing and becoming a porn star/erotic model.  I
wouldn't mind doing a "Women of Vlogging" spread in Maxim, but I have
no desire to become the next Jenna Jameson.  I also recently removed
all banner advertizing from my site (Google AdSense, Amazon
Associates), I don't want any annoying banner ads to ruin the
experience of coming to my site to watch the show.

When I started Kitkast I just wanted to make a video extension of my
sex blog which dealt with censorship, religious intolerance and the
government.  If/when I allow video advertising on my show I would
prefer that the ads were non-pornographic. People don't keep watching
the show for porn, they watch it for the comedy and tittilation... and
I have made a concious choice never to show nudity (although, in
episode 1.15 I showed nude paintings in an art gallery... nothing you
wouldn't see on PBS!).

Don't get me wrong, I do have plans in the works... but when I first
started Kitkast I had no intention of making any money.  The only
reason I would like to make any money now is so that I don't have to
work 35 hours a week at my regular office job and 25 hours a week on
Kitkast.  As you've seen in Four Eyed Monsters, the stress can really
hit hard on our personal relationships.

I appreciate your input, but please understand that I have no desire
to become heavily associated with porn.  I would, however, love to
become heavily associated with sci-fi... ;)


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