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But then you have to fill in the page about the video all over again, don't you? Uh, not to be rude, but why do you put up with that kind of performance? Why does anyone? There are lots of other free services out there that work a lot better

not really. I'm using the upload tool for windows. for some reason it doesn't upload the tags or copyright settings and a couple of other optional settings, so I need to edit them on the page once it's finished uploading and I have the final page url. but I just thought that was the tool being a little buggy. I usually end up editing something anyway once I see the published page even if this bug is not there, just to tidy up how it looks so it's not a problem for me. when I've used the link on the site to upload it seems ok (but haven't done that in a while so can't really say, but I can't recall any problems).

I'm using ourmedia for a couple of reasons.
1. because I really like the IA project. originally I was just uploading direct to IA when in the early days I found ourmedia to be a touch unreliable. but I started using ourmedia again late last year and it's worked ok since apart from a few little things but they don't really bother me. I can get round them.  and I like the interface ourmedia provides for listing all my files on the one page. IA does this also - but only if I search so it groups them (perhaps I do have a homepage there but I've never found it ;) so this is easier for linking to the work to tell people where they can find it in one spot.

2. because I think IA will be around longer than most of the other free uploading spaces atm. and apart from a few test personal videos most of my content is archival/documentation of arts/muisc events or projects so I don't want to have to reupload them all again in 5 years. I want them to be available for the artists for the longer term. plus now I travel a lot for my job so can't carry so many archive hard drives - a few dvds is the limit. so I've been slowly uploading things so I can still access them from anywhere without having to have the source material near me all the time. I archive net radio programs and since last year when I got the camera, video. I did a couple of photos but use flickr for that since it became available. I think the IA/ourmedia combination is great for artists wanting to archive their projects. I'd like to see more do it. (& conferences/workshops)

3. because I like drupal sites as I have a few myself so I like to use them and see what features/user scenarios other drupal sites use as I really like the drupal cms and the hard work all the people who work on it. and since they did the deal with IA it ties in perfectly.

4. the selfish/promotional reason - by using ourmedia it gives the work an extra method of being found/discovered by new people who may not have seen the performance or heard of the artist or listened to the show. so people can now come across it via the emails, ourmedia, IA, my site, the artists site, the curator's site. another audience possibility I guess you could say.

I suppose I could add another layer and add to some other free sites, but I'd need more time for that. perhaps one day.



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