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> > You talked about SNL and The Daily Show manipulating the news to
> make it humorous.  If a reporter is manipulating the news
> (under-reporting the popularity of video blogs) for some reason, how
> does that make it any different from SNL or The Daily Show?  (The only
> way it would be different is if the reporter was too clueless to
> actually do the research and find out the truth behind the story)
> > -- 
> > Bev
> Thank for clarifying your last point a bit better, Bev.  
> The point I was getting to earlier is why does this news anchor claim
> that Rocketboom is "fake news" while _his_ ABC webcast is "real news".
>  The point that you have just made agrees with my prior statement that
> all news is fabricated, whether it is comedy or 'reality'.  The reason
> for this is that reporters take what they want out of a story and
> broadcast a fraction of the full picture.  
> The difference between shows like SNL and this ABC webcast is that SNL
> invents stories for comedic purposes, while this ABC reporter is
> leaving out vital information explaining why there weren't very many
> videoblog downloads last year.  I mean, he _could_ have added a
> sentence saying something like "However, with the growing popularity
> of the video iPod and the growing online accessibility of vlogs from
> places like iTunes, videoblog downloads in 2006 are _sure_ to overtake
> any numbers from previous years."
> Instead... he just made it look like videoblogs were unpopular and
> that it's best to just sit back and watch television.  My best
> explanation for WHY he reported the story in this fashion is that
> although ABC has an online webcast, they fear that television
> as-we-know-it will become extinct.  When I was talking with a CBC
> reporter the other day, he said that he is terribly fearful that the
> mainstream media will fall behind and die... this is a fear shared by
> many in the mainstream.
> Kitka
> http://www.kitkast.com/

Current mainstream media won't go away, just will become significantly
smaller in the future.  We still have Opera, just the percentage of
population going to see it is smaller.

  -- Enric

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