Sorry to ressurect this long and finished thread but I was away and didn't get to add my 2ยข - and lord knows I love to do that.

So I agree with those of you saying good is really "good to me." Like all things good it's relative. Outside of that, what I think is good usually (but not always) has these things in common:

Short - usually under 5 minutes, often under 3 minutes. I say this not because I'm really opposed to watching longer things but for two basic reasons - 1. it usually requires more work to make something short than to make it long and I appreaciate that. 2. To make something long and have it be as engaging as a well done short piece usually takes more time, energy, money and production skill than the average hobbiest can muster. After a while you might as well be trying to make a TV show or a film.

Style and voice - I like things that, even if they are a single shot, have a very distinct style or voice to them. If you're going to be mundane please give us your unique take on that life.

Passion or authenticity - I like when I can tell that the person who made it loves what they are doing. I also love when people show me something real and unmeadiated.


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