It looks like 2006 is the year Videobloggers start to become
aggressive and begin kicking some traditional media ass.


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> --- In, "Michael Verdi" <michael@> wrote:
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> > Hey,
> > I'm back from SXSW. The Darknets panel was a good and touched on
some of the
> > copyright issues. Personally, I think a system where something
like "The
> > Grey Album" is illegal, doesn't work. Now the MPAA (they had a
> > representative on the panel) and the RIAA still look at this as
theft. As
> > long as that's the case, things are not going to change. And they
> > won't listen to me as an individual on the issue. But if people in
> > willfully disregard these laws where they're just plain stupid, I
> > they'll be forced to come up with some sort of solution. Just as
> > - I come at this as an artist who very much respects people's
right to get
> > paid for their work and on the other hand I also believe that by
> > contributing to and participating in culture (popular and
otherwise) you
> > give up total control over your work. A few years ago I made a
short film
> > about my brother and I playing Star Trek as kids (here's the link
all you
> > fellow Star Trek nerds:
> > I wrote to
> > Paramount asking for the right to use the tricorder and
> > transporter sounds. What I got back from them was a letter
explaining how I
> > could not use (with no option to license for a fee) those sounds
along with
> > the words "Spock", "Enterprise" or "Phaser." I just think that's
> > bullshit. We didn't play Star Voyages as kids or run around with
> > or something. It was Star Trek. Those are my memories and this
film is my
> > way of remembering. I don't really give a shit if you've
trademarked that
> > stuff - it's part of the culture and they've benefited from that
by both
> > ripping lots of others off in the ideas behind it and in the
billions of
> > dollars they've made because of it.
> > 
> > -Verdi
> >

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