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Perhaps watching someone write a book is not as interesting as I
thought it would be.  But at the very least, you would get some idea
of how much work is involved and what a daily routine might look like
for writing a book -- at least for that author. It's also a way for
the writer to promote the book before it is even finished.

...at considerable risk of spoiling the surprises.

BTW, if you are a university student trying to impress potential
employers over a long period of time before graduating, would you not
want to work live?

The way most students actually work, probably not!

And wouldn't companies have an incentive to watch these broadcasts to
identify talented people?  For example, software companies would
probably get a better picture of how a programmer will work on a daily
basis by watching them code on an open source project for long periods
of time.

To see what they produce is certainly useful. To watch code actually being written is probably incredibly boring and not something anybody has time to watch live.

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