yeah list shmist, you are participating even if no one knows you are... as long as you are doig 7 videos in 7 days this week...your in

On 4/3/06, Andy Carvin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Please add me to the list. But rather than asking people to announce
themselves and "sign up," wouldn't it suffice to just have everyone
tag their videos for technorati, then collect a list of contributors
from that? I'm just concerned that asking people to register
themselves is adding an extra layer to this, and could exclude people
who just happened to miss your email, like I almost did.

andy carvin

--- In, "Stephanie Bryant"
> The Week of Vlogging Dangerously/Vlog Week 2006
> OK, I realize it's already "tomorrow" in some parts of the world, so
> let's get started!
> A lot of folks contributed time, space, announcements... it's turning
> into a bit of a hodge-podge of leadership. Nonetheless, I said I'd
> compile stuff, and I am doing so.
> April 3-9 Monday through Sunday. Post a vlog each day for all 7 days.
> If you come in late, post a vlog each day and maybe catch up on the
> weekend. If you stop vlogging halfway through the week, catch up on
> the weekend. No excuses!
> Not sure if this is just announcements or videos. Steve?
> It will make the project much easier if you tag your videos, at
> *least* with a Technorati tag.
> Peter and Devlon: can we set up a (public?) Mefeedia feed with the
> listed participants as the "to be watched" list? Is that possible? If
> so, then folks could tag them themselves while watching in Mefeedia,
> and it would set up the RSS feed quickly for me (another vlogger's
> helpfully given a possible space for the public feed as well).
> On Technorati:
> To tag your video, add this to your post:
> <a href="" href="">" rel="tag">
> videobloggingweek2006</a>
> [Yes, there are a gazillion ways to do this. This is one of them.]
> If you like, you could also add a "vloggingdangerously" tag, if you're
> specifically taking risks this week for your vlog.
> On MeFeedia;
> To tag your video:
> Sign in to
> Subscribe to your own feed.
> Go to Watch to view your video queue.
> Click a video in your queue.
> Click "Tag this" to tag the video.
> Type "videobloggingweek2006" in the field and click the TAG! button.
> Add yourself to Eyespot:
> [I'm not sure what the value is to this; if you don't add yourself
> this week, is it OK to do so next week?]
> During the week, I'll email the "dangerous" ideas to the list.
> Everyone is welcome to contribute suggestions. No one is required to
> follow any of the dangerous suggestions, or even to vlog dangerously.
> You determine for yourself what is "danger." The idea is to take a
> risk of some kind with your vlog. Perhaps that's a risk that you take
> personally and then videoblog, or perhaps it's a risk that you take
> involving your vlog.
> First dangerous idea, inspired by Naked Verdi and others: Vlog your
> daily shower or bath. How much you show or don't is up to you. If you
> vlog yourself x-rated, PLEASE provide some kind of disclaimer. Cause,
> you know, some people have small children or weak stomaches. ;)
> We'll have a single page feed for all of these, as soon as it's set up
> (working on it). If you're participating but absolutely don't want to
> be in a web-based feed, let me know.
> Also, please check to make sure you are listed and I have your
> videoblog's URL and your name spelled correctly. If I missed you, it
> was not a deliberate slight, so speak up, please.
> Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen
> Anthony
> Bekah
> Bev Sykes
> Casey McKinnon
> David Howell
> David Meade
> David
> Devlon
> Erin Nealy
> Frank Carver
> Heath Parks (Batmangeek)
> Josh Leo
> Joshua Selden
> Kelly Skoty
> Killer B
> Leslye Penelope
> Lisa
> LittleBlueRiver7
> Magic Monkey Bob
> Michael Verdi
> Randy Wicker
> Richard Show
> Schlomo
> Stephanie Bryant (Mortaine)
> Steve Tatham
> Susan
> Ted Tagami
> Tim
> Trine
> --
> Stephanie Bryant
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