funny thought i had to 'use' youtube etc.

redirect people to your videoblog with a sort of video press release when you have posted a new video.  but dont post the actual video to them... reserve your rights and USE them and their wide audience.  post a 15 second video of you directing people to your latest post with maybe a tiny teaser clip added..... and add a link in the youtube post description (can you do that?). 


On 4/3/06, Michael Verdi < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I understand that people like to put their stuff in places like YouTube because they think they'll get noticed there by the hordes of people looking for the latest cool TV clip. That's fine but personally I have 2 main reasons why I'll never be interested in that.
1. Check the terms of use: YouTube, Google Video, DailyMotion for example all require you to license your video to them in such a way that they can commercially exploit it. Why give this to them in exchange for hosting when you host your videos yourself or for free on The Archive and without giving anything away? Also, if you intend to use anyone's creative commons licensed material and then upload it there you may be violating the terms of their licence (this is the case for any non-commercial and/or share alike license).

2. By buying into the idea that these places are portals you are helping to set up another version of what we already have in the TV and Film world - namely distribution controlled by a few sources. The revolutionary thing about the Internet and videoblogging is that YOU can distribute your own work. You don't have to rely on a middleman. If you want to be on TV or Film you have to play the TV or Film game. If you videoblog you don't have to put up with that shit. You have the power to do it yourself.

Here are my "tips" for building an audience:
1. Make great content.
2. Make great content.
3. Make great content.
4. Put your great content in a blog and add descriptions and links relevant to your great content.
5. Make sure you have an RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures so people can subscribe to your great content.
6. Make great content regularly (you don't have to do it everyday but don't dissapear for months at a time).
7. Interact with your audience via the comments on your videoblog.
8. Watch and comment on stuff you like (they might like your stuff too).

That's it for now. That should get you started.


On 4/3/06, lishisman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Greetings... Vlogweek very cool... Our New studio did not get
finished over the weekend, and I am bummed, Such is life...

Warning - I am not a good writer, when it comes to me putting
something on paper, alot of time my thoughts get mangled, I am much
better in person... I think way faster than I type, so I will try to
convey and idea... discussing it here first before acting, and
hoping that I can get some constructive, open minded, feedback from
valued members here.

I have an Idea...

Trying to be a productive member and all, I would like to build or
be part of a new website/program dedicated to video submission. I
have *some* capital, resources and input, however I cannot do it

It is understood by me that there are already MANY services that one
vlogger can upload a video to and get seen... however, people like
me, who vlog daily could spend a great deal of time, just uploading
to the many services out there...

A service needs to be developed that you could upload your daily
video to once, and the service would "broadcast" your video the
other video services for which do not have RSS feeds, but force you
to upload ... What really gets me about the current group of
services for video distribution is that in order to gain the most
exposure you need to set up no less than five different user
accounts, and upload your video up to at least that many services,
my videos are around 40 mb, can you imagine how long it would take
me to upload to just 5 of them? Plus, compile, shoot, edit, create
webpages, post in a blog, ping the feeds that arent in feedburner,
and post to this board? It is just crazy...

Here are some possible solutions...

Choice one
ALL video upload services allow for linking to source video that is
already hosted somewhere. OR allow RSS linking to source vid.

1. It would be easier for people like me to have content listed in
many services, quickly.
2. My daily video would only consume 30 mb of webspace TOTAL.
3. Video Services would have more content with less server overhead.

1. Video services would not have as much "exclusive" content.
2. Video Services would not be able to control the availability of a
video or the bandwidth that each video's hosting could handle.
3. The abosolute tracking would be sketchy.
4. Those video services that currently CONVERT video formats for you
would be very limited by not having the source file in hand. Like
for Mobile phones, ipods, and such.

Choice two
Have a video broadcast service... this could be a web application,
Or more intriging, it could be a windows application like googles
video uploader.
You upload to one place... when this happens it is concurrently
uploaded to many other places...

1. Less work for the content provider
2. This could be a paid service... make money$$
3. Maximum exposure could be obtained with minimal effort
4. Video service would still have the source files.
5. Video services would likely become allies with such service for
the content alone, and would likely allow a service to sign up new
user accounts.
6. In the above scenario this service would become a one stop shop
for new vloggers..."Got a video?, get it out there!
sets you up with accounts for the most popular video submission
services out there, AND uploads your video for you, Blast your vlog

1. A 30mb would eat up a ton of server space on the WEB, in an
example a 30 mb file uploaded to
2. The machine running the application, the content providers
computer OR the server that the application os run on, would have
all it could do for the better part of an hour. OR the Vlogger
community could build a SETI type network to handle such tasks.
3. Script would have to written for each video upload service.

Personally I see choice two as the only option, I think that it
would be reasonable to suggest that 5 services could be targetted,
with more development slated for the future.

Now I know for a fact that I currently consume in the range of 150mb
of server space in lala land for just ONE 30mb video. Each and every
day. Because it has to get uploaded to so many places. This could be
bad in the long haul... Liberals against server space... video
wasteland... I can see the march on washington now.

Google video, akimbo, youtube, stupid videos, cnet, and MANY more I
am sure I a missing some big ones here... your help as to which five
could be targetted would be helpful.

I look forward to your thoughts, and suggestions on whether such a
service is feasible, or even if it already exists...

Now, I did not sign up as a vlog week 2006 participant, but I do
however, do a daily video anyway, I plan to in the spirit of this
week do a weekend edition of unzappedtv... you will not however see
me in the shower or bathtub.
Our First coorespondant from argentina is on the show today, with a
funny commercial that FORD is running...


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