You know after I posted this I was wondering if this was what you 
were talking about. DOH!!

I've heard that if you are a Mac user the HDD cams are kind of a 
pain in the arse to work with. But I like the idea of a tapeless 
workflow. I know that a lot of vloggers have been using a tapeless 
workflow for a while already using cameras that write to flash 
memory cards. So yeah HDD cams would seem to make some sense for 

Bill Streeter

--- In, "Le Grand Magistery, LLC" 
> Bill, Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated. However, HDD 
stands for "Hard Disc 
> Drive", not High Definition (actually, it is pretty confusing. 
They really should have made 
> more of a differentiation between those two). With an HDD 
camcorder it's my 
> understanding that you you don't need any tapes or discs or any 
other media to record 
> onto. The camcorder houses a hard drive and you just record 
whenever and wherever and 
> then plug the camera direct into the computer to upload your 
footage. I think HDD 
> camcorders are available in both HD and SD (though maybe only SD 
right now?).
> --- In, "Bill Streeter" <bill@> 
> >
> > I tend to be of the opinion that HD is just a little bit of 
> > for a video blog. Mostly because it's very very unlikely that 
> > would ever post full resolution HD footage on the internet--at 
> > anytime soon. Given the additional resources needed for a HD 
> > workflow with the end result being just 320x240 highly 
> > seems like a waste to me. HD is more than just an investment in 
> > camera. Your editing system, hardware and software needs to be 
up to 
> > snuff to handle it as you'll use more hard drive space and 
> > processing power in handling HD.
> > 
> > But that's just my opinion.
> > 
> > Bill Streeter
> >
> > 
> > --- In, "legrandmagistery" 
> > <magistery@> wrote:
> > >
> > > We're thinking about starting a vlog. I read on Gizmodo the 
> > day about Sony coming out 
> > > with an HDD Handycam (the DCR-SR100). After reading about 
that, I 
> > also discovered the JVC 
> > > already has a couple on the market (the Everio G Series). Do 
> > of you currently use an HDD 
> > > camcorder? What are the advantages? The cameras seem a little 
> > expensive, but we 
> > > wouldn't need to invest in any tapes, discs, or any other 
> > so it seems pretty appealing 
> > > and ideal for doing a vlog. What do you think? Any and all 
> > help/opinions would be greatly 
> > > appreciated as I'd love to get this thing going asap. Many 
> > in advance! 
> > > 
> > > P.S. If not an HDD camera, what other kinds of cameras do 
> > vloggers use that are 
> > > reccomended?
> > >
> >

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