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Since this is one of the more common emerging businesse plans in this space, I ask.... will it work?
Will it try to mimic the template of TV and Radio and have success?
I am speaking of "Exclusive" Networks of content creators, not marketplaces where anyone can sell content through... like iTunes, openomic, fireant(?) etc...

I assume Apple and others are thinking about launching such a service instead of simply selling a la carte media.

How do you think it will all play out?

I do think that this will become a big money maker.  (Which is probably good news to people wanting to make a living off of this.)  But it's going to take some time, some technological change, and some social change.

For example, we probably need to get it so people can watch vlogs on their big screen TV.

Also, we probably will need to be able to put "commercials" into our shows.  (And not hardcoded ones that we are seeing today, but ones as "changing" as the banner ads you see on webpages.  I.e., you don't see the same banner ad over and over again, year after year.)

But I'm only scratching the surface of this in this e-mail.  (This would probably turn into an essay or a book if I really wanted to do this topic justice.)

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