Hi Dmitry,

Thankyou for responding to the group.

I have a few questions and comments about this whole situation.

I simply cannot see how taking video without the maker's knowledge or consent, creating a "series" with it, linking back to your own site, using no attribution whatsoever and implicating them as members of your community is a compelling service for video producers.

I think it is, however, a compelling service to Veoh as it gives an artificial inflation of your numbers which, I'm sure, is quite helpful when looking for VC funding for your company.

In your terms of service, you spell out your own copyright for the site. How would you feel about a company that decided it wanted to help you avoid the costs of running your site by sucking the content out of it and hosting it on their own site without your knowledge or consent. They could then drive your traffic to them, thereby saving you the costs associated with bandwidth. I'm sure that you wouldn't perceive it as helpful though, would you?

If you truly thought that what you were doing was helpful, you might have come in here before now and told us what a marvelous job you were doing helping us all and encouraging us to come claim our feeds. Instead, we find out accidentally and now you are here to tell us that it's for our own good and that you are helping us. Not cool. Not legal. Not helpful.

Sorry if this sounds harsh but this is serious business.

On 4/7/06, dmitry_veoh <[EMAIL PROTECTED] > wrote:
Thank you for approving me for this group.

I wanted all of you to know that I am reading these messages and hear
you loud and clear.

It is not our intention to steal anyone's content.  We are simply
trying to create a compelling service for video producers of all
kinds, with a big focus on enabling video bloggers to be free of
restrictions to broadcast.  In fact, we did consider simply creating a
site where we would link to videoblogs, but felt that this may cause
you to experience  significant costs.  The reason we transcode the
content is to offload those costs from you to us.  Maybe this is not
the right thing to do.  We are open to your comments, and will obey
your wishes.

Please forgive us if you are one of the people that feel that we have
gone about this the wrong way, we will make changes to accommodate
your preferences.  We did not mean to infringe on anyone's rights, we
simply tried to make it simple for people to find your videos in a
single place.  This is an evolutionary process, and we are working on
refining it.  We would greatly appreciate your help in making Veoh a
great citizen of the video blogging world.

For those of you that will be attending VloggerCon 2006, you will have
a chance to meet a few of us there, as we are going to be sponsoring
the event, and will throw a party afterwards.

I encourage you to give us the benefit of the doubt that we are the
good guys.  We will do ANYTHING to prove that to you, really.

I will personally make sure that anyone that wants their feed off of
our system gets a quick response to their wishes.

Dmitry Shapiro
Veoh Networks, Inc.
619-602-3305 cell

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