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> Veoh utilizes a proprietary, secure P2P network that helps prevent
> piracy of content, and makes sure all video content is properly
> categorized, of TV-grade quality and always available. Unlike rogue
> P2P networks that utilize unmanaged BitTorrent to share mostly pirated
> video,...

(Despite what you are trying to imply here....) There is NOTHING wrong with BitTorrent technology.  And just because some people use it to do copyright infringement does NOT make it a bad technology.  (Many many many people use it for legitimate uses too!)

People use e-mail for copyright infringement, does that make e-mail bad?!  People use instant messaging for copyright infringement, does that make instant messaging bad?!  People use the Web for copyright infringement, does that make the Web bad?!

BitTorrent is used for ALOT of legitimate uses.  Both by individuals and companies.

The really nice thing, for vloggers, about BitTorrent (and other P2P technologies like it) is it empowers us as indiviuals.  And gives us more choice.  We don't need to align ourselves with large companies or networks if we don't want to.  We can go at it and be successful on our own (if we choose to).

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