This is beginning to seem almost reminiscent of the "Blogumentary"  
episode that transpired a few months ago. This is quite the  
reactionary group, and history has demonstrated that when this group  
is united around a particular, results are definitely within the  
realm of possibility. Now, the power of people in numbers is  
something I'm certainly down with, but let's attempt to look at this  
from Veoh's perspective as well.

Veoh needs content so they've decided to utilize a spider to do so, I  
don't know whether this spider results in pulling the video's from  
the HTML or if it's spidering RSS feeds. Assuming that it's spidering  
RSS feeds, it seems to me that they should set up a sort of moderated  
spider. Each feed that they've discovered and want to add should have  
a website instantiated for it with as much information as can be  
automatically filled in from the feed along with an activation link.  
Then, a staff member at Veoh can go through this list of pending  
feeds and reference the contact info on each of these sources and  
then send him or her an invitation which contains a link so that the  
user has a 1-click opt-in process available for them along with a  
personal (stock) invitation to participate in their network.

As Veoh is a for-profit service with terms of service associated with  
it, I don't believe that they can really get away with transcoding  
and re-hosting CC videos either. Further, let's be clear on one  
factor here -- they are not even allowing non-registered visitors to  
see the entire video, which means that Veoh is forcing viewers who  
stumble onto my, or any other videobloggers video, through their  
website to register on the site to even see the video which they are  
using without my permission in the first place.


On Apr 8, 2006, at 12:19 PM, Jay dedman wrote:

> On 4/8/06, Anne Walk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I don't agree that adding obvious linkback is a solution because  
>> Veoh is a
>> social site with memberships, ratings, profiles, friends, etc. I  
>> do not like
>> the implication that I am a member of a community because my stuff  
>> was
>> spidered into it. Linking back may give a means to finding my site  
>> from
>> within the Veoh community but it does not remove that implication.
>> The answer, to me, is to stop spidering and remove any and all  
>> unclaimed
>> feeds. And to not do it again.
>> If people want to become a member of the Veoh community, they can  
>> choose to.
> undertsood.
> so i will be interested in seeing what Veoh wil do next.
> lets just make sure we dont become mobrule here.
> has Dmitry said they would take down everything they have currently  
> spidered?
> is there any precedent for a service grabbing videos?
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