This, it seems to me, is what Dmitry/Veoh need to do for a good faith 
showing here, though I'm sure there are some for whom (and I understand 
this) nothing would suffice. I'm new to this community, but this kind 
of stuff comes up in other film and video worlds as well, so I just 
hope this might be helpful.

Dmitry, could you commit to these?

1. Disable the unclaimed RSS feeds. All of them. And disable access to 
their VEOH pages, as these make it look like the authors are part of 
the VEOH community unless a user looks REALLY closely.
2. Contact the owners of all of those feeds. Apologize for making it 
appear that they were part of the VEOH community without their having 
signed up for it, and for transcoding their work to the (horrible 
blurry mess... ok, maybe just...) flash previews.
3. Ask them if they would like to be PART of Veoh. For those who do, 
set up a system where the feeds come from the actual RSS and provide 
links back to the originating sites, in a way that makes it clear this 
is EXTERNAL content - the mefeedia model, basically. OF course, you 
could try to sell them on hosting AT Veoh, but that's another matter.
4. If you want to function partly as a portal to non-Veoh video, set up 
a system where the distinction between links to external work and Veoh 
"community" work is crystal clear.
5. Make a vow NEVER TO TRANSCODE WITHOUT PERMISSION and to honor all 
copyright and creative commons licenses in any actions taken by Veoh.

  And would this enough peace for some sort of fresh start?

- brook

Brook Hinton

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