I'll tell you, I have a Panasonic GS150, which might be a tiny big
over what you're looking to spend, but it freaking rocks.

It comes with a mic, that has record/zoom/etc buttons on it--and I
will tell you, having an external mic makes a world of difference when
you're trying to interview someone in a crowded convention center.


--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Heath" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I was hoping you all could help me out.  I am going to be upgrading my  
> video camera here sometime soon, and I need some help.  The camera I 
> have now is a JVC and it works pretty well, but what the big thing it 
> is missing is a way for an external mic.  
> So my "needs" are a camera that has an external mic capibility, plus 
> everything else that my JVC GR-D250 has, well maybe not everything but 
> most of it, manual white balane, different "speeds" etc, Also I am 
> guessing but by having an exteranl mic you would also get rid 
> of "motor" noise when zooming, is that correct?  I tried doing a search 
> for information on this in the group but I didn't have much luck so I 
> aplogize if this has been discussed before.  Thanks for your help....
> Oh I am looking to hopefully only spend about $1.00, just kidding but 
> money is an object so I am hoping to spend under 400 if that is 
> possible, just looking for a good entry level or slightly above camera 
> that will fit my needs for more than 6 months you know......thanks..
> Heath - Batman Geek 
> http://batmangeek7.blogspot.com

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