I was trying to say I was not going to post about this again. I am sorry if it came out wrong. Actualy I was not prepared for anyone to get upset about this post.
So since this is being taken in  a negative way, I must of  been wrong to ask. Since I can not withdraw the post, I will say I am sorry to the community as a whole. At this point that is all I can do. Please except my apology . I won't make this mistake again.

On 4/12/06, Michael Sullivan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi Gary. 

Nothing personal.... but to say that this was a one-time post and then asking everyone to vote for your site.... not gonna happen. 


On 4/12/06, softballjunk < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
This is a one time post from us at www.podcastpickle.com

We are competing in the Webby Awards. Out of all the competitors in
the podcast catagory, we are the only site that has any conection to
videoblogging at all.

We are asking for your support in this competition. I am including a
previous message I sent someone else.

Thank you in advance for your time, and I hope your vote.


My website www.PodcastPickle.com has been nominated for The 2006
Webby Awards. If you are not familiar with the Webby Awards, it is
the Academy Awards for websites. As you can imagine this would be
quite an honor for us to win.

I am sending this email, to ask for your help. I would appreciate it
if you would vote for PodcastPickle.com today. It does take a few
minutes so let me say now that I appreciate your help.

The steps to vote are as follows:

1.  go to http://peoplesvoice.webbyawards.com/register.mhtml   You
may register there

2. Check your email for your password and username

3. Go to http://peoplesvoice.webbyawards.com/login.mhtml And log in
to the site at the top of the page using the usename and password
that were given in the email.

4. On the left hand side of the next  page, you will see a drop down
menu. Click on it and go to podcastpickle.

5. Vote for Podcast pickle

Once again thank you for your help, and if you know of anyone else
that may be willing to help please forward this message to them.

And yes, I did copy and paste this message. Please forgive

Gary Leland (P. Dilly)


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Gary leland

Vote for PodcastPickle.com in the Webby Awards. Go to

http://peoplesvoice.webbyawards.com/register.mhtml   and register to vote


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