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Dang, Charles -- health freak *and* open source advocate!  Aiming for perfection, eh?  ;)

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(Hopefully this isn't too off topic, but....)

Are there any good gyms in the area of vloggercon?  (Well, near the hotels near vloggercon.)

I go on business trips from time to time, and I find that I usually have to explain what I mean by "good gym".  (Usually I ask the hotel I'm going to if they have a gym, and they say "yes".  But when I get there things are insufficient.  And it can be frustrating.  So....)

What I mean by "good gym" is one with, at the very least, dumbbells up to 120 lbs.  (I can elaborate if need be.  But I'm not sure how many other health-freaks are on the list.)


See ya


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