Hey Andrew... Any idea what page I can find the article on?  I just
picked up a copy and went through it page by page finding nothing...

Are you talking about Issue 998 (April 20, 2006)?


--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, andrew michael baron
> There is also an article that came out yesterday in Rolling Stone 
> Magazine but I haven't seen it online. Its called: "Vlog Stars, 
> Online video bloggers are redefining the worlds of news and 
> entertainment". It mentions Rocketboom, Ask a Ninja, Kitkast, Vlog 
> Soup, A Good Word With the T-Bird. They used a stock photo of 
> Rocketboom so I wound up also pictured in the article. 10 years ago, 
> my greatest dreams and aspirations was to be in the Rolling Stone. As 
> a musician, that's as far as my dreams could go back then. It would 
> include the end-all-dream of being owned by Sony for $2000/month with 
> a bonus of a million dollar debt.


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