I sent the author an e-mail.

Like I said though, the author may have just made an honest mistake.

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On 4/20/06, Charles Iliya Krempeaux <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Maybe I'm missed something, but.... iSquint seems to be violating the GNU GPL license.

(It's using software licensed under the GNU GPL but is not itself also licensed under that license.  And it's not releasing the source code.)

Specifically, it is violating the licenses of liba52 and x264.  (Both of which it looks like iSquint uses.)

Now,... it may be that he's done this by accident.  He's linking to FFmpeg; which is (normally) licensed under the GNU LGPL.  (And that license does NOT require you to make your software Free and opensource software too.  And thus does NOT compel you to release your source code.)

But, he's compiling FFmpeg with "--enable-gpl" so that he can bring in liba52 an x264.  Which then forces that special version of FFmpeg to become GPL (instead of just LGPL).

Which forces iSquint to become GPL.  Which compels him to release his source code (under the terms of the GNU GPL).

Does anyone know the author of iSquint?

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On 4/20/06, bofoboho < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
For all you MAC users. Excellent and FAST tool for converting all you .mov's to your favorite codec~!


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