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Unfortunately (and perhaps its my dark state of mind from listening to too many Opeth songs today), it never really ended up evolving into a tool that would be taken notice by the powers that rule. Instead, it took a natural course (entertainment, sex, comedy), and even though there were some interesting voices that could be heard from around, the collective "tag-chatter" (which is completely go along with pop-culture) now manages to suppress anything "uninteresting" to the popular mass. And of course, "uninteresting" has nothing to do with "unimportant" or "irrelevant". Am I wrong? 

I don't think it's out of context. I agree completely and have been trying to touch on a similar issue - that advertising and the old media TV and film model get in between those lines of communication. And that the desire to replicate TV and film on the web is drowning out the idea of people videobloggging to communicate.

Hopefully, things like Vloggercon raising money for NODE101 will help. This way people can go out and create places that provide access to videoblogging technology where they wouldn't otherwise have it - where people can share their experiences and tell their stories and maybe do something other then try to replicate a medium that doesn't need replicating.



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