I have been following this, and I don't think most people recognize how profound the results of this could be. And, of course, the main reason that the large internet providers want to prioritize the bandwidth is that they are getting into internet TV/Movie streaming themselves so the entitity delivering the content and providing it would be the same.

Also, this has a direct impact on video-bloggers since our rich media content would be the most likely to be delegated to a lower tear, unless we could pay more to get preferred treatment and most of us, by definition, don't make money.

... thanks for bringing this up! ... Richard

On 4/22/06, Andy Carvin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi everyone,

Right now I'm blogging from the Yale Law School's Access to Knowledge
conference. I'm at a standing-room-only session on network neutrality, a
contentious policy battle currently taking place in Congress. Telecom
providers are lobbying to be able to create a multi-tiered internet, in
which people who pay the most get the best bandwidth and access to
partner websites, while those who don't get slow access and blocked from
partner sites. For example, Rogers Cable acknowledged that it
prioritizes some content and applications over others; they get more
bandwidth. Lower prioritization, in contrast, goes to file sharing,
podcasting and video blogging, making it more expensive for people to
access content and create it.

I've posted notes from the panel session here:

Meanwhile, on Monday there will be the launch of the Save The Internet
Campaign ( to ensure that telecom
providers provide equitable access to bandwidth and content to all
people and not penalize low-income customers. They're also launching a
blog here:

Coalition members come from across the political spectrum: Lawrence
Lessig, Craig Newmark of Craigslist, Free Press, Consumers Union, Glenn
Reynolds, Gun Owners of America, and many others.

Andy Carvin
acarvin (at) edc . org
andycarvin (at) yahoo . com

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