I think it was posted twice but i'm not sure about that.

Whenever there are events mentionded in this group or discovered in
other places it will also be posted here;

http://www.vlogassist.com/viewforum.php?f=2 The events forum!

It is because of the continued stream of messages I have started this
website to collect information people like to have at hand in a
organised way, as we all know searching this forum can be tedious.

You can take part of this informationstream too. This is also would be
a good opportunity to explain the benefits of the vlogassist forums again;

Let me say first that it is NOT a replacement for this discussion-forum.!!

You have to be a member to;
-Receive email status messages from forums you select. LIKE EVENTS !!
in a frequency you select.
-Receive RSS feeds from forums you subscribe to.
-Quick and easy member list with websites.
-Lexicon (still under construction)
-Embedded video in post. (USE Firefox !!)
-Use your favorite color (7 choices)
-Use private messaging.
-Sell your obsolete vlogging stuff.

Some people like a WIKI, that's fine too, for me it is too static,
with a forum you can still have discussions about a topic. I'm not
looking for a discussion about the difference and pros and cons
between a wiki and a forum please choose your own preference, both
way's can live next to each other in my world heck I even link to the
wiki in some instances and i'm not competing.

Until now we only have 13 members while I know from the statistics
that lots of people are reading it. Please become a member so you can
add you website to the member list and have all the benefits mentioned
above. Also important; IT IS FREE !!!

Get your name on the members list now go to http://vlogassist.com



--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "missbhavens1969"
> Dang.
> I don't think it was posted, or somehow I missed it in a sea of
> threads...
> hence my not attending this thing that I would have loved to attend 
> that's 6 minutes from my house.
> Where are events like this posted, anyway?
> Bekah
> --
> http://missbhavens.blogspot.com
> --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "jonny goldstein" <spamjonny@>
> wrote:
> >
> > Just in case no one posted this yet:  There's going to be a panel on
> > vlogging at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens at 4PM today
> > featuring Andrew B, Amanda C, Jakob Lodwick (Vimeo), and Ravi Jain
> > (drivetime).
> >


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