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>  Jen, would you mind commenting on what the assignment was and how Mr.
>  Krutz' video tied into that?

The assignment was given back in January -- make a videoblog, and post
weekly for ten weeks (or more). They could make their vlog about
anything, but I did require them to come up with a theme / a plan / a
purpose (because otherwise typically students flounder like crazy).
Kevin had a plan to do these self-review/ commentaries on films he's
made in the past for other classes. Then as time's gone on I've told
them to feel free to deviate from the original plan, now that they know
what a videoblog is, they've watched a lot of other vloggers, etc. So
Kevin's video, well it's a video that was posted to his vlog... so it
definitely fit the assignment.

You can checkout the videoblogs of Kevin's classmates at:
I'm especially proud of the work by:
Andrei Litvinov
Bethany McKenney
Irene Goldstein
Dominque Caron
and others...

If you want to read the assignment and syllabus, those are there too.
Soon, I'll post videos of the presentations and research papers on
videoblogging that they've done.


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