Title: Re: Compression settings make a difference?
Michael Verdi:
    Thank you for your comprehensive explanation of the differences between the two groups of compression settings. For me, I’ll stick with the Freevlog.org recommended settings. Next I’ll buy 3ivx and learn it. Up, up, and away on the learning curve.
    Your help to all of us is always appreciated and on target.

   Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 17:01:51 -0500
   From: "Michael Verdi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re: Compression settings make a difference?

Here are some differences and things to note about these settings:
1. The Vimeo settings, I'm sure, work well as you say but - Sorenson 3 is an
older, less effecient codec. This is why you noted similar quality at 2X the
bit rate.
2. QDesign Music 2 audio codec often sounds very "tin can" and "swirly" to
me. Also it's much less effecient than AAC.
3. The mpeg4 video codec and AAC audio codec settings we show at Freevlog
will give you iPod compatible video. Sorenson 3 and QDesign Music 2 are not
compatible with the iPod.
4. Apple's version of the mpeg4 codec is certainly not the greatest. You can
increase the quality (like with every codec) by increasing the bit rate from
what we recommed in the tutorial.
5. Another option is to use the h.264 codec but there are some downsides:
Apple took away the ability of using h.264 to make ipod compatible videos
except when using "export to iPod", which last time I checked, had the
effect of squishing you video if it originates as DV; also h.264 requires
QT7; and h.264 plays poorly on older computers.
6. Personally, my perferred option is to use the 3ivx version of the mpeg4
codec ($20 from 3ivx.com - but the free trial lasts forever). We have a
tutorial on Freevlog for using the single pass version: <URL:
http://freevlog.org/index.php/2005/10/23/compress-for-the-web-with-3ivx/ >
and one of these days I'll get around to making a tutorial for using the
dual-pass version which gives results close to those of h.264. The reason
why we don't already have that tutorial is that there is a bug with 3ivx
dual pass and QT 7. There is an easy workaround (I use it all the time) that
can be found here: <URL:

Hope that helps,

On 4/24/06, M. Mart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> To edit my  videos using iMovie on my Mac I relied on the settings
> provided by Michael and Ryanne on their great Freevlog.org site. Those
> settings have served my site well, both in .mov and .wmv  formats.
> Today I read on Vimeo.com's Upload Guide different recommended settings.
> Following the Vimeo settings as shown below I reformatted an existing
> QuickTime video and played them side by side. The Vimeo settings worked
> well,  with the only difference being the Vimeo settings produce a file size
> of  30.28MB vs 14.95MB for Freevlog. The two of us here differ as to which
> output is slightly better.
> Has any one here experimented with the two settings? Do these setting
> differences affect how videos appear in the browser?
> Vimeo.com:
> Under Video, click Settings.
> Compression Type: Sorensen Video 3.
> Frame rate: Current fps.
> Key Frames: Every 60 frames.
> Data rate: Restrict to 1200 kbits/sec.
> Quality: Best.
> Under Sound, click Settings.
> Format: QDesign Music 2
> Channels: Stereo (L R)
> Rate: 44.100.
> Click Options and set the bitrate to 48kbits/s.
> Freevlog.org
> Compression MPEG-4
> Rate frame: 15
> Key Frames: 5
> Compressor at: Medium
> Data Rate: 600 kbits
> Sound AAC
> Mono
> Bite Rate 24 kilohertz
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