I'd like to nominate "fair" as the central theme of our times, these
times, whether you choose to call them 2.0 or whatever.

Seems we are more sensitive to fairness, I can't put my finger on
exactly why though.

Is it because the ability to maintain community has become easier due
to the networky glue we're all high on, or is it something else?

Music pricing, political shenanigans, nondisclosure of business
relationships, fair use, first amendment rights suppression, breaching
NC licenses, experimenting on unwitting audiences, I'm sure there's
more but you get the gist.

Why is fairness such a central theme (assuming it is and I'm not just
imagining it due to overwork) and why the big reaction on this list and
elsewhere to perceived breaches of fairness?


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On Apr 24, 2006, at 7:05 PM, David Meade wrote:

>  ... that doesn't seem fair ... I didn't sign up to be in any
> experiment today (and the content was not pleasant).

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