it'll all end (or begin?) in 2012 anyways ;-)

On 4/25/06, Deirdre Straughan <[EMAIL PROTECTED] > wrote:
There are also some interesting theories about our ever-widening
circles of what/who we perceive to be "us" and therefore deserving of
fair treatment. Used to be that humans saw "us-ness" only in blood
kin/tribe - you still see vestiges (large ones, unfortunately) of
cultures that treat all the "thems" as less than human and therefore
not deserving of humane treatment. This kind of argument was used
until very recently even in "enlightened" societies to justify unfair
treatment of people of different skin colors or non-male people:
"Science proves" (as the science of the day often did) "that those
creatures are inferior and would only be harmed by being allowed the
same rights as US."

With globalization and global communications, our sense of "us" can be
much larger than it's ever been, if we allow that to happen.

Some would argue that a further stage of evolution is recognizing the
us-ness of other animals, such as the pets we would never consider
eating (for most of us today) and, for strict vegetarians, the
any-animals-at-all that they would never consider eating (sorry, I
personally am not quite that enlightened yet, although, unlike many
Europeans, I don't eat horse).

On 4/25/06, robert a/k/a r < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Agreed.
> Doesn't it feel heightened, more so every day?
> Could it be because netizens can collaborate more readily than any
> group in history of humanity larger than a handful we're _feeling_ our
> fairness instinct in a new manner?
> I'm very curious about this. Is it our sense of fairness the foundation
> for what comes out of our connectedness?
> It's interesting. Heh. Fairness. Of course it could just be the beers
> talking :)
> On Apr 25, 2006, at 12:25 AM, Deirdre Straughan wrote:
> > We are evolved for it. There are lots of studies on humans and other
> > primates about this. A sense of fairness, and the ability to detect
> > (and desire to punish) cheaters, are part of what enables us to live
> > as social animals.
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