Hi all.  I recently went back to the drawing board on a script I'd been working on ... I offer it here in case it fits the bill for what someone out there is looking for.

The major advantage to this script is that you dont have to do ANYTHING to your post to make it work.  You dont have to have an onclick, you dont have to use rel=enclosure, you dont have to copy/paste code, you dont have to use specially crafted DIVs or anything .... you just link to your video file.  Thats it.   The script will build out players for you.  It's now working in IE as well as Firefox (probably others but I havent tested them) ... in any browser where it doesnt work, the file will load as if it were a normal link.

More info (and a few examples) available here: http://www.davidmeade.com/resources/media_test.php
  • Major feature: You dont have to do ANYTHING special. Just link to media file in your post.
  • It (so far) supports, QuickTime, Windows Media, AVI, MP3s, WAVs, (and m3u)
  • It will (optionally) size the media player based on the size of the still image used to represent it.
  • You may choose if the player auto-starts or not.
  • You may choose if the player(s) are created automatically (on page load) or only after the user clicks the link/image.
  • If you choose, it will only adjust links with 'rel=enclosure'. But by default it will check all links (recommended)
  • There are a few variables you can set at the beginning of the script if you choose to do so to customize its effect:
    • autoStart = true;
      If you want your viewers to have to click the play button even after they clicked the media link/image set autoStart =false, otherwise set to true and let the movies autostart.
    • buildPlayers = "onClick";
      This lets you choose when the script should build out the players. You can set this variable to "onClick" or "onLoad". buildPlayers = "onClick" will build out a player when the user clicks a link/image to the media file. buildPlayers = "onLoad" will build out a player for each media link on the page as the page loads. (Note you should set autoStart = false if you use this option)
    • requireRelEnclosure = false;
      If you set requireRelEnclosure = true then only media links with rel=enclosure will have an inline player. (Otherwise all media links will have an inline player)
    • useImageSize = true;
      To size the player based on the size of the still image set useImageSize = true. Or, to always set players to a specific size set it to false.
    • videoHeight = 240;
      videoWidth = 320;
      If useImageSize = flase, you can set the default size for your players manually with videoHeight, and videoWidth
    • debug = false;
      If you set debug = true then some _javascript_ alerts walk through the script. (this can be annoying, use only for troubleshooting)
I'm still working on ways to tweak/improve it and have some ideas for a version 2 ... but in case someone has been needing such a thing ... there it is.

- Dave

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