Someone sent me the link below.  I was surprised at how quickly the "low resolution" Windows Media Player file loaded and played.  The quality was terrible but it was fast!
The QuickTime (QT) file took between two and three minutes to load and played with a better picture but was only about one-half the size we use in vlogging.
Does anyone know the compression settings for these files?  For that matter, is there a way to determine the size of a video like this when you find it on the Internet?
I also wonder why they didn't use Flash for a program like this.  It is unusual for a video to load and play so quickly without the "playing" marker catching up with the "download" stripe and going into pause mode.
A few days ago Stephen Colbert (of The Daily Show fame) was a guest speaker at the White House Correspondents' dinner.  Currently, on his own show The Colbert Report, he often speaks of the large "balls" it takes to speak the truth, as he alone can do.  He says this jokingly, of course, because his show is about satire.

Well, this week he proved that he, in fact, does have the biggest balls on TV.  Not only did he skewer the President, who was sitting 15 feet away, he also poked the entire Press Core in the eye.  The press has rewarded him by pretending the event never happened.  But thanks to the internet (and me) you can watch it yourself.  From someone who deeply admires honesty, it's a marvelous and gutsy thing to watch. 

The link below will allow you to watch the approx.  15   -minute clip.  Enjoy.

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