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On May 4, 2006, at 1:46 PM, Adam Quirk wrote:

Everyone needs to check out videostring.net

Amazing poetic video project by Serra of headsoff

So damn cool.

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From: serra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: May 3, 2006 11:33 PM
Subject: VideoString!
To: serra <[EMAIL PROTECTED] >


I'm pleased to present the new and improved version of my thesis
project, VideoString!
You can view it at it's new home, http://www.videostring.net !

If you participated in my user input survey a few weeks ago, THANK
YOU!  Your input has helped me to improve this program dramatically.
Among the suggestions that I took were:

I added natural sound behind the video clips instead of crazy loud
static noise
I added a clear button, so you don't have to individually remove
tiles from your poem when you are finished
I re-designed the interface, allowing the poem to move to the left
while the video plays
I added color control options for those of you who don't feel
entirely comfortable with teal blue
I added playback variations, including the ability to repeat a video
or play a new version from the same poem
I added the ability to save and link to videos so you can view them
later or send them to a friend
I added buttons that allow you to search for parts of speech if
you're stuck

Please check the project out, create a poem, and share it with a
friend (by clicking on "URL of movie", you know!).  This project will
only grow with your help, and the help of your friends!  At this
point, the major thing missing is your videos.  Are you frustrated
with the lack of vocabulary?  Make me a video for one of the words
that isn't represented yet!  The complete word list is linked from
the submit video menu, and that link leads you here: http://
www.videostring.net/WordList.html .  This is one place where you
really can control your environment... to an extent ;-)  This will be
a grassroots kind of project, and hopefully it will be pretty fun in
the end.

Thanks so much for your support!

Disclaimer:  I'm sending this e-mail to you because either you --
  -- have expressed interest in my thesis project, VideoString
( www.videostring.net)
  -- are interested in (or have commented on) my video blog, headsoff
  -- are my friend, teacher, or associate outside the blog/vlog-o-sphere

If you feel you don't actually fit into any of those three
categories, and/or would not like to hear from me about this anymore,
then please reply to this e-mail and ask to be removed from my e-mail
list... although i doubt it will be a very frequent e-mailer if there
even is a repeat...




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