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Who is pushing the Information Toll Road Bill, Dierdre?

? Not me.

Was it intellectual laziness and ignorance that led you to ignore the problem until now?

Who said I was ignoring it? I spend several hours a day reading news and blogs (part of my job), so I'm well aware of it. And I do think it's important, and have written to my reps in the US congress already. I just don't think that the Internet (or blogs, or vlogs) is the universal panacea spreading peace, love, and wisdom throughout the world. And trying to position it that way is likely to undermine your own arguments. If you sound hysterical and overblown in one or several areas, it is easier for people to dismiss the rest of your points.

It is not some kind of CEO cabal that is doing these things. It is unaccountable entities that have more rights than you and I that ONLY serve profit. They get together to form cartels to make offers that civil society can't refuse. 

Please provide an example of a modern-day corporate cartel. I am prepared to believe that there are a few, but I simply don't believe that most companies can find their asses with both hands, let alone get together with other companies to evolve and maintain a strategy to take over the world.

It is Garbage in Garbage out. The information that everyone here uses has been doled out by a corporate Media Cartel, a group of giant corporations that have common needs and all serve one purpose: to make money.

Who are these corporations, exactly?

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