I'm a Getty Images photographer, & they want "editorial stories".  So, I can cover it.  Let Getty Images distribute/sell it.  The sell to all the major mags all over the world.  BBC, Stern magazine (Germany), National Geographic, Time, Newsweek, etc.  My stuff has been on CNN, Newsweek, ABCNews, NBC Nightly News, CBS Evening News:

I even have the contacts with CBS in San Francisco, they called in a story idea to CBS Evening News w/Dan Rather (New York office)back in '97 (Comet Hale-Bopp, I got lead-photo for Comet Hale Bopp) & were going to send a van to interview me on Mt. Wilson.  They cancelled at the last minute, because of that crazy mass suicide in San Diego (Comet Hale-Bopp related).  They owe me a kill-fee, I've been waiting a LONG time to use it.  Maybe now?

Can you put me in touch with the "movers & shakers" of Vlogging?  I kinda just  skim this list, since I'm busy with my own projects.  I need to start correspondence with some "Leaders in the Field, like Vloggercon founders/creators, Andrew Baron/Amanda Congdon, Michael Verdi, et al.  We need a Collaborative/Cooperative/Coordinated "plan of action" ("C cubed") to publicize Vlogging.

"People don't buy Good Products, they buy GOOD MARKETING"
-- business saying
[ the "Product" is Vlogging..with a future business-model in themaking, "GOOD MARKETING" is worthy/well-done media splashes..like with WIRED magazine, CNN "NEXT" (formerly CNN Science & Technology Week), Cnet.com, etc  I know the chief photo editor for Newsweek & National Geographic (back in '97, that is), & have some contacts with the local TV affiliates in Los Angeles: KABC, KNBC, KCBS.  One of my friends is a free-lance videographer for KCOP 13, who has connections.  I will forward this post to him ]

As I see it, here are some hi-profile names:

Andrew Baron/Amanda Congdon (Rocketboom.com)
[ I've mentioned this to many of my business-partners, & potential VC funders..one of them is an ex-CEO of a 100 billion dollar fiber-optics company (w/computer networks as applications) & another one is  a major Las Vegas casino owner who called me 1 year ago for a business-proposal.  We're working on getting my thing funded this very minute.  With Rocketboom's transition to a business-model & ours doing the same thing, we are on the verge..Taking "Concept" (Proof of Concept) into "Reality" (Business Model Reality) ]

Michael Verdi
an original pioneer, who did a tutorial on video-blogging?
[ we've been in touch privately ]

Any others?

Anyone on this list, feel free to chime in & tell me about yourself/company & your vision of Vlogging.

Tell me about this new Videoclix technology, is there anyone else doing it other than Eline Technologies?

With Rocketboom's sponsorship (& my projects Auto Racing market, where sponsorshp is the DRIVING force behind auto-racing), this video-clix thing is a key technology.

We're working on a big project which will happen in early June, just before Vloggercon.  Hopefully, we can report on a smashing success at Vloggercon.  It should have major funding (it's still a "test", much like Vlogging & Apple's video capable iPod & video-podcasting, TIVO's deal with Rocketboom..are still "Tests"), with a LOT of multimedia flying all over the place.  Including video-podcasting, Sony PSP, mobile-blogging.

Anyone in Southern California (Los Angeles & San Diego, possibly NoCal) available as video-bloggers & video-podcasters who might be available for contract-work..say in Northern Baja?  Sample venue, Baja 1000 offroad race:

except we will be doing a LOT more.  We will have at least 2 (possibly 3) more livewebcast'ers down there.

Using mobile blogs like I did with NAB:

& video-podcasts (& audio-podcast of audio race-traffic)

[ Isilon booth pics & videos, camera-cellphone pics & digital SLR pics ]

[ Isilon booth, my digital SLR pic made "Editorial Pick" on Textamerica.com , check out the commnets.  Click on "original image" for high-res 2M pixel image, http://imageserver4.textamerica.com/user.images.x/81/IMG_465681/Big/_0425/T520060425102544810.jpg ]

On May 7, 2006, at 9:01 PM, Anne Walk wrote:

sure will, B! we are the media! it'll be the most covered event of all time!

On 5/7/06, B Yen <[EMAIL PROTECTED] > wrote:
Will Vloggercon be covered by any of the media?

- "Standard Model" media: TV/Print
CNN, ABC, San Jose Mercury News

- Webzines

- high profile video-blogs like Rocketboom.com

On May 7, 2006, at 3:02 PM, Ted Tagami wrote:

I might miss this one. Kid's B'day. Will make sure I have all my items for the meeting updated regardless.

On 5/7/06, Enric < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Happening Friday May 12th at Maxfield's House of Caffiene, 3:30 pm.
Mark you attendance at upcoming.org:




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